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Convert one-time
phone sales into
recurring revenue


The old way to increase your revenue was to simply sell more phones

Hands holding phones

Once you sold a phone, the sale was done and you had to find a new customer.



There’s a better way.

Meet our Mobile Lads phone.

It comes fully loaded with products that create re-occurring income for your business including:

  • Protection Plans & Warranties
  • e-Wallet
  • Prepaid Credit card
  • Games, apps, movies
  • And more
Hand holding phone
Phone and dollars

Now each phone you sell is a mobile profit center

You’ll sell the phone once, but continue to make money on the phone for the lifetime of the ownership.

Retail Sale + Residual Monthly Income


And this is good news as you sell more phones

Selling more phones and getting more monthly revenue


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How It Works

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